Streedagh Signal Station, County Sligo

The low remains of the signal tower at Streedagh can be seen below the centre of this picture. (Image courtesy of Bing Maps).

The unenclosed signal station at Streedagh consists of only the very low remains of a signal tower. The site is located on a low lying triangle of land projecting north ward into Sligo Bay. The site has clear views in all directions but neither of the adjacent signal stations, Knocklane Hill to the south west and Kilcologue Point to the north east, can be seen given their extremely ruinous condition. The site is accessed via the lane that runs from the carpark along the back of the extensive sand dune system.

The remains of the signal tower at Streedagh consist of the semi-basement level and a very small amount of the ground floor.

The signal tower at Streedagh mainly consists of the semi-basement level which measures 5.8m across. The walls are aligned at 45 degrees to the cardinal directions. With so little of the ground floor now present it is not possible to orientate the building but the bottom of a vertical drainage is present at the north east end of the north west wall, suggesting this may have been the wall with the fireplaces, alcoves and chimneys, although they could also have been located on the north east wall.

This short section of a drainage channel on the north west wall is the only clue as to how this signal tower was orientated.

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