Kilcologue Point Signal Station, County Sligo

Kilkilogue 2.JPG
The hollow that is all that remains of the signal tower at Kilcologue Point can be seen in the centre of this picture. The area is criss crossed by lazy beds, a lime kiln is located to the west of the signal tower and the remains of a promontory fort is located to the north. (Image courtesy of Bing Maps).

The signal station at Kilcologue Point is located on sloping ground above a series of short but steep and rocky cliffs. The site has good views except to the east but the adjacent signal stations, Streedagh to the south west and St John’s point in County Donegal to the north, are no longer visible because of their ruinous conditions. The site can be accessed from the road to the east but lies on farmland and permission should be sought before visiting.

The remains of the signal tower today; a square nettle filled hollow.

All that survives at the site today is a square nettle filled hollow where the signal tower once stood and a grassy hollow that probably represents a lime kiln. The signal tower was clearly demolished and the stones removed for use elsewhere at an early stage because it is not illustrated on any of the usual 19th century maps.

The lime kiln is as poorly preserved as the signal tower.

A hollow that probably marks the position of a lime kiln used during the construction of the signal station is located 11m west of the signal tower. The whole area is covered by the ridges of lazy beds and a grassed over lane leads from the signal tower to the coast, passing close to the lime kiln.

Panorama 1.JPG
The curving bank of a heavily eroded promontory fort located to the north west of the signal station.

As with the site at Knocklane Hill the signal station at Kilcologue Point is located in close proximity to a much earlier promontory fort. The site is also overlooked by a WW2 era Look Out Post which is located 600m to the east.

The WW2 Look Out Post that overlooks the signal station site.

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